Bob's Meaty Turkey Stuffing - By Bob Long

Your Christmas Turkey will be a big hit with this tasty turkey stuffing bursting out of the cavity loaded with meats and other goodies. Make sure you have lots of gravy on hand to drown the stuffing when you serve it to get the most enjoyment (and calories) from this favourite turkey accompaniment.

The day before, take a loaf of bread out of the bag and leave it in the fridge to get good and stale, and freeze a half pound of butter - the next day, cube the bread, spread over a cookie sheet and grate the frozen butter over top, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake 400 degrees for a few minutes to let the butter bake into the bread and crisp up a bit.

Now choose a large pan (or a giant wok) to prepare the ingredients - finely chop an onion along with some celery and garlic, sauté 'till soft and then add lots of small pieces of pepperoni or summer sausage, a chub pack of ground pork sausage (you may have to ask your butcher for that, they never have it out at the supermarkets) and when the pork is cooked add bread cubes.

At this point you can look around the fridge to see what else you want to add, perhaps some chopped up fried turkey giblets, mushrooms, green peppers, jalapenos ( walnuts... anything goes! ....Anyway, add lots of poultry seasoning to taste and moisten with some wine (red or white, whatever you're sipping while you cook) and loosely stuff into your bird just before you roast it.

It's soo good - but don't eat too much, they call it stuffing for a good reason!

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